Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Time for Me to Assess The Situation

My Life Assessment

As a nurse, I am trained to do assessments on others.  There are focused assessments where one concentrates on a particular problem or area.  Then there are the more thorough assessments called the head to toe.  During the head to toe assessment all areas of the body are examined very carefully.  When we do assessments, there are also tools that we use:  blood pressure cuffs, penlights, stethoscopes, watches, etc.  It is time for me to do an assessment on my life using the a wonderful tool from Rosetta Thurman's website  Happy Black Woman.  It is part of her 31 Days to Reset Your Life "project".  It is time for me to start the assessment:

  • Lifestyle:  I live in a very quiet neighborhood, close to my parents and sisters and I love it.  I adore my home but hate that fact that I have accumulated clutter.  My leisure time is spent mostly watching television or on Facebook (Farmville in particular.) I wish that I had real hobbies.
  • Work:  My current job pays very well but I don't feel as if I am being utilized to my fullest potential.  The shift I work (midnights) is also difficult because I am tired all the time and can't be at home in the mornings when my children are getting ready for school in the morning.  I am a registered nurse by profession and I love it.  I wouldn't chose another career.
  • Education:  I am a college graduate and I am content with that right now.  In the future I may pursue a higher degree if there is some area of nurse that I am interested in requires advanced degrees.
  • Finances: My expenses are covered and I can't complain about that at all.  I wish that I could save more money.
  • Health:  Mentally-I have a lot of stress on me but I realize by letting go of many situations and/or people that cause chaos and stress in my life, I would be better off.  Physical-Since the beginning of November 2010, I have been attempting to live a healthier lifestyle.  I am regular again at the gym and attending Watch Watchers meetings.  I have lost a total of 15 lbs so far!  I want to be healthier, so I am just a work in progress.
  • Family:  I have pretty good relationships with my family. We are all very close.  I hate that I don't have more time and energy to spend with my children doing things they love.
  • Relationships: OH BOY!!! HERE  I GO...My love life sucks!  I have been separated from my husband since July 2009. And I am looking forward to the day that I am officially divorced. He still comes to my house to help with the kids while I am at work, which is ok.  The problem comes in when he stays and uses my house as a retreat for him.  In 2011 I am filing for divorce, I can't continue on in this limbo state.  I want to be in a relationship but if it doesn't happen, I have to learn how to be ok with that too.
I wish I could turn this assessment over to a doctor and have them write me a prescription for all that ails me. But I realize that only I can make the necessary changes to correct all that makes me unhappy.

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