Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If I Lived My Life According to My Values...What Would It Look Like

This is the exercise for Day 4 of Rosetta Thurman's 31 Days to Reset Your Life project from her website Happy Black Woman.

Rosetta in this exercise challenges us to "envision your values in action".  It's was a two part exercise.  First the values that I felt are most important to me needed to be listed (done in the previous blog) and then I need to assess how fully I am living these values in my life currently using a scale 1-10.

  1. My children-9
  2. My family-8
  3. My physical health-7
  4. My emotional/mental health-4
  5. My overall happiness-3
  6. Having peace in my life-5
  7. Having love in my life-3
  8. Having financial stability-6
  9. My relationship with God-3
  10. My career-5
Next, Rosetta encouraged us to look at at least 3 actions that should be valuing and exam what it would look like if we were truly living it as if we valued it.

My career-I would not be working a job that I have no passion for simply because the pay is good.  I would be more aggressive about finding a nursing job that challenged me.

My overall happiness-I would be doing things that really benefited me.  I would go to concerts and jazz clubs to listen to the music I love.  I would visit new restaurants and try new foods. Enroll in a class perhaps wine tasting, photography or maybe even a creative writing class.  I would fill my free time with activities that fed my body, soul and mind.

Having peace in my life:  Peace in my life would entail letting of of drama-filled situation in my life.  I would go ahead and get my divorce.  I would stop caring about who my husband spends his time with. I would have no desire to look at his email, phone records or facebook accounts. Each day would be spent pursuing peace.  The need to be right would take a backseat to maintaining peace.

This assignment was very enlightening.  I, for the most part, do not live my life according to what I value.  I have the power to change that and I will.

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