Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of the first major changes leading to happiness...

I am resigning from my current position!  The job that I have now has been a constant source of aggravation.  I get no respect from my boss and I don't understand why because I have gone above and beyond in my care of my clients.  I am extremely bored, it does not challenge me or my nursing skills.  There is no advancement and I feel as if this would be career suicide if I stay here. The pay is excellent but it is not worth my happiness. Not to mention I am at the point that working midnight is not working for me anymore.  I am raising my two kids alone and I am physically at home with them but I am so exhausted that I can't do a lot for them or with them. 

Also, my working midnights keeps my soon to be ex-husband in my life more than I want him to be.  He works afternoons and come to my house to sleep and take the kids to school in the morning.  I don't like the access he has to my home and in effect, my life by staying there.  He sleeps in my bed, eats my food and uses my computer and it is time for that to stop.

The new job!!! I will be doing home health care for one of the best hospitals in Michigan.  My schedule is flexible enough that I can take my kids to school and pick them up each day.  I will have the opportunity to do the thing that I love patient education, health promotion and disease prevention!!!  I will be able to care for my patients without being pulled 30 different directions.  I will have automony and on-going training.  I will be back in the loop!  I am so happy!

The downside is that there is a pay cut but I think it is worth it!  I am worth it!
Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!  2011 is my year, I can feel it!!

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  1. Way to go VIrginia. I wish you much prosperity and peace in your new endeavors. By the way this is Tina from Happy Black Woman.