Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I could never understand how Helen went back and took care of Charles in that movie after he treated her so badly.  I always said that I could never do that!  Well, I need to retract that statement.  I understand why she did it now but on a much smaller scale, of course.

My soon-to-be ex-husband's furnace went out at his house.  It is around 20 degrees right now in Michigan. He asked if he could stay with me and our kids for 2 days because it is frigid in his house.  My first instinct was to say (in my Whitney Houston voice) HELL TO THE NO! But the woman that I really am said that there is no way I can turn my back on the man that is the father of my daughter.  I let him stay.  I feel good about it because he no longer control me for good or for bad.  I made the resolve to be the woman I truly am and help another human being in their time of need. I will not let someone else make me compromise my standards or principles again.

This was my victory!!

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair but manifestations of strength and resolution”~Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Yay! proud of you girl. It's a good feeling when we let go of "who the world wanted us to be" to become "who God wants us to be". I know exactly where you are, i've been there and i'm telling you it's exuberating and liberating all at the same time.